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May 20 2024
July 6 2024


May 20 2024

July 6 2024




$0.000276 (5,21x)

presale crypto list
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Start Date May 20 2024
End Date July 6 2024
Softcap 1M USD
Hardcap 3M USD
Presale Price $0.0000523
Listing Price $0.000276
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Ethereum Chain
Ethereum Chain
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Description 🟢 RingBrex Token Presale Live | Need to move tokens between networks with minimal fees?
⭐️ Bridge Exchange Platform
✅ Contract Audit:
RingBrex Bridge: Cheapest Token Transfers Across 20+ Networks
Need to move tokens between networks with minimal fees?

Presale live.

Seamless transfers across 20+ blockchain networks.

Lowest fees for cross-chain transactions.

Fast and secure asset movement.
Contract Platform Audit.
It's that easy
Choose your networks: Select the blockchain networks you want to transfer tokens between.
Connect your wallets: Connect your wallets for the selected networks securely.
Select your tokens: Choose the tokens you wish to transfer.
Confirm and transfer: Confirm the transaction details and initiate the transfer.
Track your transfer: Monitor the progress of your transfer in real-time.
Receive your tokens: Once the transfer is complete, your tokens will be available in the destination wallet.
Experience seamless cross-chain transactions with RingBrex Bridge.
Ringbrex (Ring BR EX): Ring Bridge Exchange
Cross-Chain Token Transfers: Facilitate seamless transfers of tokens across different blockchain networks. With RingBrex, cross-chain token transfers are fast and secure.
Inter-Exchange Arbitrage: Take advantage of price differences across different exchanges through arbitrage. RingBrex's fast and low-cost transfers make arbitrage operations more profitable.
Global Trade: Facilitate fast and low-cost payment transactions across different blockchain networks while engaging in international trade. RingBrex streamlines global trade and reduces costs. RingBrex offers a solution-oriented platform in the blockchain space, catering to various use cases.
Secure and sustainable features inspired by circular economy principles.
We purchased audit services for both our bridge platform, our token's contract codes, and our presale system. You can find our audit report on our website or request it by contacting us on Telegram.
Efficient Cross-Chain Bridge
RingBrex offers a highly efficient cross-chain bridge solution, facilitating seamless token transfers between various blockchain networks with minimal latency and low transaction costs.
Decentralized Governance Model
RingBrex operates under a decentralized governance model, allowing token holders to actively participate in decision-making processes regarding protocol upgrades, fee structures, and ecosystem developments, ensuring a community-driven platform.
Secure and Transparent Roadmap
RingBrex provides a secure and transparent roadmap outlining our development milestones, upcoming features, and strategic partnerships. Stay informed about our progress and future plans as we strive to deliver innovative solutions and create value for our community.
Exclusive Presale Opportunities
RingBrex offers exclusive presale opportunities to early supporters and investors, allowing them to secure RINGBREX tokens at preferential rates before the official launch. Don't miss out on this chance to get involved in our project from the ground up and benefit from attractive token prices.
Community Incentive Programs
We offer various community incentive programs designed to reward active participation, liquidity provision, and governance involvement within the RingBrex ecosystem, fostering a vibrant and engaged community of users and stakeholders.

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